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I love to hear from people, so please use the contact form below for any comments but remember I do not have anything to do with payments or fulfilment so please don't ask me any questions related to this as I won't be able to help.

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Remember Your Purchase Helps Save Animals

Don't forget that any purchase that you make from my pet gift's Zazzle store wil help endangered animals by supporting the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. My company that runs this website will donate a minimum of 1% of ALL of the revenue we receive from sales - this is monitered and certified by the One Percent for The Planet organisation. So by buying a product you will help a little in protecting wildlife under threat around the world.

How it works

I don't make the products themselves, I leave that to Zazzle to do. By using the Zazzle system it allows my unique watercolor paintings to be available on a wider range of gifts and products than I could ever manage myself. I create the products virtually using digital scans of my paintings of dogs, cats, horses and other animals and then when you come to buy them Zazzle which make each one to order just for you. By doing it this way I can offer you the best selection of gifts and products wherever you are in the world. It does mean that I receive only a small part of the price you pay as a royalty for being the painter of the original image. We hope that you like the store and join the many, many others who have bought gifts from Zazzle with my watercolor paintings adorning them.

Thanks for looking!