Horse and Flower Card
Horse Eating Flowers Card

Gifts For Horse Lovers

For those who own a horse or have friends and family who own horses, you will understand to own one requires dedication, passion and commitment. This in turn brings about huge rewards of companionship and the thrill itself of riding a horse whether for pleasure or competition. So to be given a personalised or horse themed gift would be the perfect gift. Our horse based gift ideas are an extension from our own passion for horses and the many hundreds of hours that have been spent studying, painting and drawing them. The result is hand crafted watercolour paintings by acclaimed artist Joanna Culley that are now available as high quality prints on a huge variety of gift products that can be bought from our online shop today!

Three Horses in Pencil and Watercolor Mug
Three Horses Mug

Printed in vivid full color onto high quality mugs, phone covers and other gift ideas, they make the perfect gift for those special people in your life to remember the special animal friend in their life. On the reverse of the mug there is a printed special message or proverb. Or why not personalise the gift even more and add your own message?

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