Gifts For Bichon Frise Owners

bichon frise mug gift
Bichon Frise Watercolor Painting on a Mug

The Bichon Frise is a toy dog descended for the Barbet or Water Spaniel and the Standard Poodle in the Mediterranean area. Divided into four categories the Bichon breed consists of the Bichon Maltese, Bolognaise, Havanese and Tenerife. Though not considered a traditional water dog, they have a great affinity for water due to its ancestral role as a sailor's dog.

It's generally a small dog in appearance with a slightly rounded skull and a blunt muzzle. It's coat consists of white, apricot or grey, dense and curly hair, although the degree of curl varies with individual dogs as do small amounts of buff, cream or apricot colourings around the paws, ears, snout or body.

Their temperament is gentle mannered, playful, affectionate and sensitive, making them good family dogs. They enjoy human company and due to their energy levels and playful nature make them excellent around children. They are obedient if training is started early and respond well to owners that take them along on outings, treating them as one of the family.

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