Gifts For Bullmastiff Owners

Bullmastiff image on a mug
Bullmastiff Painting on a Mug

With its solid build and short muzzle, the Bullmastiff was originally bred by gamekeepers to guard estates in the 19th century. This led to it being known as the Gamekeeper's Night Dog. The breed was drawn from the English Mastiff and Old English Bulldog.

They can be red, brindle or fawn in appearance with characteristics that are strong, powerful but sensitive dogs. Training and socialisation is an important part of living with a Bullmastiff with an appreciation of their instinctive guardian role for home and family. Docile and affectionate but fearless if provoked. Due to one of its original roles of tracking down poachers and holding them, the Bullmastiff will catch an intruder, knock him down and hold him. They need a firm, assertive and confident owner who will be consistent with the rules and a pack leader.

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