Jack Russell Puppy iPhone Cover
Jack Russell Puppy iPhone Cover

Gifts For Jack Russell Terrier Owners

The Jack Russell is an energetic breed of terrier with it's origins in fox hunting, originally bred in the early 19th century by the Reverend John Russell. Due to their working nature, they have remained mostly unchanged for 200 years. They tend to be extremely intelligent, athletic, vocal and fearless dogs with a tremendous amount of energy for their size.

Scruffy jack russell terrier on a mug
Scruffy Jack Russell Terrier on Mug

They can make great family pets with its kind and gentle nature. However it will not put up with unintended abusive behaviour due to its natural assertive terrier characteristics.

With their historical digging nature, the Jack Russell can be a bit of an escape artist and their strong hunting instincts mean that they are best kept on a leash in open areas.

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