Gifts For Greyhound, Lurcher & Whippet Owners

All three are sighthounds using vision as their main means of hunting prey and were originally used as hunting dogs for coursing. Greyhounds are the largest with Whippets being the smallest and both are pure breeds whereas the Lurcher is a cross breed.

Greyhounds are gentle and intelligent breeds whose physique and double suspension gallop, having all feet off the ground twice in each stride, allows them to reach speeds of nearly 40mph and led to it's popularity for racing. There are a variety of colours including white, fawn, black, red, brindle and grey. Temperament wise, they are quiet, gentle and loyal, enjoying the company of people and other dogs.

Whippets were originally descended from greyhounds that were unsuitable for hunting due to their size and the greyhounds traditional prey of deer. These hounds were suited to rat catching and hunting hares and rabbits. They have the fastest speed for their weight of any dog, reaching speeds of 35mph.

Lurchers are cross bred greyhounds with the breeding allowing for desirable characteristics to add to their speed. A cross with a terrier breed would give an cunning and stealthy hound or a collie cross would give an intelligent one.

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